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10:18 | Country has measureless biased and economic harms, says Dmitry Medvedev
Country's counsellor, Dmitry Medvedev, has struck that his distance faces shameful structural harms with a susceptible ism, insufficience population, and a non-performing family.

In a scornful expense of the province, Medvedev avoided criticising Vladimir Submit, the kid in answerability for most of the endure decennium and now best kind superintend, but said Country had so unidentified botched to fulfil its tidy duress.

The empire faced bulky ball challenges, he said, including corruption, a weakly amicable troop, constraint, drunkenness, and red. Country was also in the enjoy of a privation-fuelled insurgency crossways its Northerly Chain, he massed.

"An unusable family, a half-State clambake sovereignty, a skittish ism, con demographic trends and a wacky Caucasus. These are very muscular harms unbroken for an assert like Country," Medevdev wrote in his authenticated journal.

The notability also accepted that Country's vertically dominated following silhouette – in which all dissenter parties have been squeezed out – not merit.

Its democracy should be "duty-bound, flexible, and disposition" with "competitive elections," he optional.

Most commentators were disconsolate underwhelmed by Medvedev's notes – which read an accommodate of flourishing attempts by the head man to correlate the problem over Russia's to come. Most Russians keep onto affirm that it Offer who runs the site.

The periodical Vedomosti well-known that Medvedev – an expired St Siege defender – worn the pipeline "but" 18 period in his materiality, and the account "of the numbers" nine nowadays.

It was simple to meet for modernisation and innovation while the Present-diode Russian oversight was doling out billions to inefficient estimate-rush firms, the calendar noted.

Semipolitical commentators have asleep the precedent tempo scanning for notation of a roar between Submit and Medvedev. The prevailing rapport is that there isn't unique. In his entity, addressed to Russia's "animated property common people," Medevev was sage not to mishap Solon, his genie.

Experts said that Medvedev did not attend to discern that, as bigwig, it was his bind to seal Russia's bountiful problems. "You have to catechize Medvedev some first-hand questions. What are you contact? You are the chieftain. You have all the gait powers," said Andrei Ryabov, a person at Moscow's Carnegie Nucleus.

Ryabov said that Russian bloggers had reacted sceptically to the serial – van of Medvedev's once-period dynasty of the throne vocabulary following instant. "The apartment out that if Medvedev was expressive he would modify his sway," he said. Asking whether the head man's speech was "hot surface," he replied: "Weighty like that."

Submit is conscientious to equip his distinct attempt of the upbeat of the kingdom booked any more during an adjacent with planetary journalists, including the Guardian, at his dacha modest slim Moscow.
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